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The production of Zlatopramen beer dates back to 1642. The most popular beer in the portfolio, Zlatopramen 11, is a long-term leader in the category of eleven degree beers on the Czech beer market. It owes its balanced flavor to carefully selected hops and malt, as well as the ingenuity of brewers. In the Zlatopramen brand portfolio, you will also find radlers with a low or zero alcohol content.

Zlatopramen Radler 0,0 %

The combination of non-alcoholic beer and a refreshing soda created the unique Radler 0.0% - the only radler without a drop of alcohol. It is available in five variants - Lemon, Elderflower and Mint, Grapefruit and Rosemary, Dark Sour Cherry and Cranberry and Currant. The sweetness of the fruit and the delicate aroma complement the bitterness of the non-alcoholic beer. You can indulge in it during sports activities and also behind the wheel, because it doesn't contain a drop of alcohol. All 0.0% Radlers are made from 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives or artificial colorings.
Alcohol content 0.0%.

Zlatopramen 11

Zlatopramen 11 is a popular Czech eleven degree beer brewed under the supervision of our experienced brewers. The beer excels with its unique flavor and sharpness. Enjoy the popular Czech eleven degree beer to the fullest. Cheers.
Alcohol content 4.9%.

Zlatopramen Výčepní světlé

Zlatopramen is a premium product with a tradition dating back to 1642. It is a bright golden beer with rich foam and sharpness, a delicate hop aroma and pleasant bitterness.
Alcohol content 3.8%.

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