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Construction of the new, modern Starobrno brewery in Hlinky Street near Mendel Square began in 1872, and it has been operating in the same place ever since. Starobrno brewers brew beer using traditional technology and the best possible raw materials - malt from the fertile Haná region, water from Březová and quality hops. Starobrno beers therefore have a good balance, drinkability and a beautiful hop aroma.

Starobrno Medium

Starobrno Medium - our 11 degree beer - the pride of the Starobrno brewery made from the finest Žatec hops and the best Moravian malt, which is made from two-row barley. This unpasteurized light lager is characterized by rich foam, an extremely delicious, full, delicate hop flavor and perfect sharpness.
Alcohol content 4.7%.

Staré Brno

This unpasteurized sharp beer is characterized by its color, slightly bitter flavor and malty aroma. You can enjoy it at home as well as in your favorite pub.
Alcohol content 4%

Starobrno 11 domů

Mild bitterness in harmony with a full flavor and medium sharpness.
Alcohol content 4.8%.

Starobrno Nefiltrovaný Ležák

This lager is the most cared for beer from the Starobrno brewery. It is an unpasteurized and unfiltered lager, which has a typical golden turbidity caused by brewer's yeast, thus containing a significant amount of vitamin B. The yeast gives this unfiltered lager its typical full taste with a subtle hint of breadiness.
Alcohol content 5 %.


The popular APA is a special beer that is top-fermented at significantly higher temperatures than classic lager, which gives it an unmistakable character. It is the first unfiltered canned beer in the history of the brewery. In our production we use unusual American hop varieties, which give it an original spicy-hop taste. Its hop, almost piny, aroma is also exceptional. It wonderfully complements beef or burgers.
Alcohol content 5%.

Starobrno Craft India Pale Lager

This specialty lager was created with an unconventional combination of two completely different, but very popular and successful beer styles. It has great drinkability, and at first taste it surprises you with a strong yet pleasant citrusy-spicy hop aroma. However, the key to uniqueness is the local origin of the raw materials and, of course, the place of production. This beer wonderfully complements meat, especially pork.
Alcohol content 5%.

Starobrno Craft RED - Flavored sour cherry beer

This new flavored product is characterized by a balance of sweet, bitter and sour so that neither of them stands out significantly. Thanks to this, a balanced and well-drinkable beer was created. The final recipe was preceded by a long series of tastings and tests that helped us find the right ratio of flavors. This new special with cherry juice is lighter and pleasantly refreshing. You can enjoy it with fruit dumplings, for example.
Alcohol content 3.6%.

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