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Construction of the new, modern Starobrno brewery in Hlinky Street near Mendel Square began in 1872, and it has been operating in the same place ever since. Starobrno brewers brew beer using traditional technology and the best possible raw materials - malt from the fertile Haná region, water from Březová and quality hops. Starobrno beers therefore have a good balance, drinkability and a beautiful hop aroma.

Starobrno Medium

Starobrno Medium - our 11 degree beer - the pride of the Starobrno brewery made from the finest Žatec hops and the best Moravian malt, which is made from two-row barley. This unpasteurized light lager is characterized by rich foam, an extremely delicious, full, delicate hop flavor and perfect sharpness.
Alcohol content 4.7%.

Starobrno Bitr

Light bottom-fermented filtered lager with 4.6% alcohol by volume has a pleasant hop aroma, typical for Czech varieties. Three types of premium hops are used in its brewing, including Žatecký poloraný červeňák, which is cold-hopped in the cellar. Bitr has a bright golden colour, medium bitterness and a delicious hop aftertaste. The brewery also supplies an unfiltered version to selected pubs.

Staré Brno

Old Brno
Unpasteurised sparkling beer typical for its colour, slightly bitter taste and malty aroma. You can enjoy it at home or in your favourite pub.
Alcohol content 4%.

Starobrno 11 domů

Mild bitterness in harmony with a full flavor and medium sharpness.
Alcohol content 4.8%.

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