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The Krušovice brand is one of the oldest Czech beer brands; beer has been brewed at the Royal Brewery of Krušovice since 1581. In 1583, the brewery was bought by Rudolf II, who elevated it to a royal brewery. Local brewers brew beer from the best ingredients - quality hops from the Žatec region, excellent water from the nearby Křivoklát forests and selected Czech and Moravian barley. It is the hops used that gives Krušovice beer a great balance, mild bitterness and a pleasant hop aroma.

Krušovice Bohém

Krušovice Bohém is a new premium lager from the Krušovice brewery, on whose recipe the brewers really concentrated. Krušovice Bohém has an exceptional taste with a balanced long-lasting bitterness (37 IBU) and a pleasant hop aroma. In addition to the finest hops, the flavour is also created by quality water from the Křivoklát wells. Bohém has attracted existing Krusovice consumers with its bitterness, but it also invites new ones to try it.

Krušovice 12

Krušovice Královský Ležák 12 has a beautiful, deep golden color and full malty flavor and aroma. It has a typical distinct, but very pleasant, long-lasting bitterness. We achieve this by using selected varieties of Czech hops from the Žatec hop-growing region. We use our own strain of yeast and three types of high-quality Czech and Moravian malts. Thanks to its properties, it is an excellent beer for all lovers of bitter and full Czech beers. Alcohol content 5.0 %.

Krušovice 10

Krušovice Královský Original 10 is an excellently drinkable beer that is characterized by a clear golden color and creamy foam. It gets its flavor and aroma from three types of barley malts from selected varieties of quality Czech and Moravian barley. Thanks to hops from the Žatec hop-growing region, it has a pleasant resulting bitterness.
Alcohol content 4,2 %.

Krušovice Hořké Nealko

Experience Královsky Hořké Nealko, an alcohol-free beer with the rich taste and bitterness of a lager. Added to the Krušovice range in 2021, the beer is an inviting combination of intense golden colour, full malty flavour and a pleasant long-lasting bitter finish. The premium quality of the beer is underscored by very thick and stable head.

Královské Černé

Krušovice Královské Černé is characterized by fullness, a distinctive caramel taste with tones of roasted coffee and a mild hop bitterness. In addition to high-quality spring water from the Křivoklát forests and hops from the Žatec hop-growing region, special types of barley malts - Czech, colored, caramel and Munich - also have excellent taste properties. They give the beer its typical dark color.
Alcohol content 3,8 %.

Krušovice Mušketýr 11

Krušovice 11 Musketeer is a full-bodied but perfectly drinkable 11 degree beer with the characteristic bitterness of Czech "Premiant" and "Žatecký poloraný červeňák" hop varieties. Greater fullness and a dense foam are achieved with four types of malts - Czech, Munich, caramel and wheat.
Alcohol content 4.6 %.


Krušovice Nefiltr is a delicious, very drinkable balanced beer. At first taste, you will appreciate the fullness and pleasant bitterness with a delicate hop aroma. The fullness of this unfiltered beer is due to four types of malts - Czech, Munich, caramel and wheat, as well as the presence of brewer's yeast.
Alcohol content 5.0%.

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