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Březňák was brewed in the picturesque Pivovar Velké Březno since as early as 1753, and to this day it is "old school", honest and high-quality, brewed using a traditional technological process and with a love for honest craftsmanship. The turning point in the history of the Březňák brand was 1906. Back then a trademark was registered with the Chamber of Trade and Commerce in Liberec, on which the face of satisfied beer expert and head of the Velké Březno station, Victor Cibich, first appeared. It is an integral symbol of the brand and its quality to this day.

Březňák - Světlé výčepní

Březňák světlé výčepní is easy to drink and is great for quenching thirst. Its delicious taste and bitterness make it refreshing and encourage further drinking. The foam is so thick that it leaves you with a mustache under your nose, and its golden color delights the eye. It owes its unmistakable aroma to triple hopping and the "Žatecký poloraný červeňák" hop variety. It is the winner of several competitions - PIVEX Brno, Pivo České republiky (České Budějovice), Dočesná (Žatec).
Alcohol content 4%.

Březňák - Světlý ležák

Březňák světlý ležák is an original Czech Pilsen-type beer characterized by its golden color, hop aroma, bready fullness and bitter taste with a pleasant finish. We achieved these properties, for which our lager is valued at home and abroad, through a suitable combination of domestic raw materials of the highest quality and traditional methods of brewing beer.
Alcohol content 4.9%.

Březňák 11

We brewed Březňák 11 for you from the highest quality of domestic ingredients and according to traditional brewing methods. It is a light lager with a golden color and a full taste which, however, does not detract from its drinkability. Its pleasant hop aroma comes from the "Žatecký poloraný červeňák" hop variety. Březňák 11 leaves beautiful rings on the glass, as befits a proper Czech beer.
Alcohol content 4.8%.

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