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Zlatý Bažant

The foundation stone of the brewery and malt house in Hurbanov, Slovakia, was laid in 1964. Zlatý Bažant is the most popular and valuable beer brand in Slovakia. It has a bright, deep yellow color, a medium-bodied taste and a delicate hop aroma. The premium Zlatý Bažant light lager is sold in the Czech Republic.

Zlatý Bažant

Zlatý Bažant is a premium light lager that excels in its balanced full flavor, strong hop aroma and pleasant fading bitterness. Quality malt gives it its rich golden-yellow color. The flavor is medium full with a balanced finish.
Alcohol content 5%.

Zlatý Bažant Radler 0,0 %

Zlatý Bažant Radler 0.0% is sold in lemon and grapefruit flavours. It is an appealing combination of freshness and exceptional taste of non-alcoholic beer completely free of alcohol, added sugar preservatives and artificial colours. The new radlers flavoured only with natural juices offer pleasant refreshment not only in summer.

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