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Lišácké jablko

The fox is cunning and knows very well that a quality and healthy orchard full of apples is the basis of the best cider. It is an ideal pet that likes watching tv shows, sports matches, sitting in sunny gardens, by the water, or even enjoying a barbecue with friends. This fox is at home anywhere.

Lišácké jablko Apple

This classic apple cider will refresh every sweet tooth. Carefully selected apples are used to create a gently sparkling, golden liquid.
Alcohol content 4.5%.

Lišácké jablko Pear

You say you shouldn't mix pears with apples? Lišák dares to disagree! Lišácké jablko Pear offers a perfect blend of flavors with an apple base and juicy pear from the orchard.
Alcohol content 4,5 %.

Lišácké jablko Apricot

Mildly sweet tones combined with subtle apricot acidity create a unique combination of flavors. This cider has a drier taste profile than most current brands on offer; it is pleasantly refreshing and it sweetens everyday life.
Alcohol content 4.5%.

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