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Desperados is a refreshing beer flavored with tequila. It was first bottled in a typical embossed bottle in France in 1995, and now it is getting the party started on five continents. Desperados was created with the idea of rewriting the rules of the beer segment and inventing an innovative and unique product, which eventually became a worldwide hit.

Desperados Original

A unique combination of lightly sparkling lager with tequila flavor and fruity undertones. Even people who don't drink beer like it. Desperados Original is a drink for those who want to enjoy life to the fullest and have the courage to try new and unknown things.
Alcohol content 5.9%

Desperados Mojito

Desperados Mojito - an intense cocktail that perfectly quenches thirst and transports you to the heart of a Cuban fiesta. Desperados Mojito combines the pleasant warmth of tequila with the fruity freshness of mojito.
Alcohol content 5.9 %.

Desperados Strawberry Margarita

5 l Soudek Desperados Original

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