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Find the courage to experiment. Try something new and unfamiliar. Celebrate life and enjoy it to the fullest. Go Desperados.

Desperados Original

Desperados Original, an iconic drink that dares to experiment.
The unique combination of a lightly sparkling lager with agave spirit is the best choice for any party that refreshes and doesn't overwhelm.
Alcohol content 5.9%

Desperados Mojito

Desperados Mojito is an intense cocktail that will take you to the heart of the Cuban fiesta. It combines rum with the fruity freshness of the Mojito and quenches your thirst perfectly.
Alcohol content 5.9% alcohol

Desperados Strawberry Margarita

The Desperados Strawberry Margarita complements the popular Desperados cocktail range. It brings light sparkling refreshment with strawberry and lime undertones.
Alcohol content 4.5%

5 l Soudek Desperados Original

Enjoy a practical keg at the party too! Includes the iconic Desperados Original drink.
Alcohol content 5,9%

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