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The history of the Heineken brand is a history of innovation in beer brewing. It began in 1873, when Gerard Heineken began producing truly premium lager. The basis of the iconic taste of Heineken beer is its simplicity, quality and emphasis on natural ingredients: the perfect mixture of water, barley, hops and our special brewer's yeast A-Yeast.

Heineken® Original

Heineken® Original is a light lager beer. A light golden color and a refreshing, slightly bitter taste with a typical, strong, pleasantly ethereal bouquet: that is Heineken beer.
Alcohol content: 5.0%.

Heineken® 0.0

The first non-alcoholic beer with 0.0% alcohol on the Czech market. To make non-alcoholic beer with great flavor, is it even possible? Our master brewers started from scratch and spent years discovering, cooking and tasting, before they finally created a recipe that is characterized by refreshing fruity tones and a delicate malty body. The complete absence of alcohol allows you to enjoy Heineken 0.0 at any time and with no limitations.

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